About the Research Foundation

The North American Strawberry Growers (NASG) Research Foundation, Inc. was established in 1992 and granted 501-c-3 status by the IRS which permits tax-deductible donations and bequests. The NASG Research Foundation is the arm of the North American Strawberry Growers Association (NASGA that administers research grant funds. The Foundation and NASGA have provided grants averaging $35,000 annually to strawberry research scientists in the United States and Canada. These funds from strawberry nursery contributions, NASGA membership dues, California Strawberry Commission, and other sources have greatly benefited industry related research.

Anyone can make a tax-deductible contribution to the Foundation. However, most of the funds are donated voluntarily by strawberry-plant nurseries in the United States and Canada from the sale of strawberry planting stock sold to growers. This is entirely voluntary on the part of the nurseries; there is no mandatory check-off system involved. Over the years, memorial donations, input from other interested parties (e.g.; the California Strawberry Commission), and fund-raising auctions have provided additional resources. Nearly all growers realize the importance of filling the funding void left by cutbacks in Federal and State programs that once supported strawberry research.

Plant nurseries from California to the Midwestern, eastern, and northeastern US, and provinces of Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Quebec have voluntarily collected a self-assessment from strawberry plant sales. Their participation in this program is extremely valuable and far-sighted. The research grants made available through the contributions of the nurseries represent an important investment in the future of the strawberry industry in North America.

Each year, the NASGA Research Committee sends letters to state, provincial, and federal researchers and horticulture, pathology, entomology, and other departments in the United States and Canada soliciting grant proposals targeting strawberry production, variety development, environmentally-friendly disease and pest control and other areas of research. The Research Committee is composed of growers, nurserymen, and scientists who study the merits of each proposal submitted and consider whether or not it fits NASGA’s research priorities and if each is scientifically sound and practical. Then the Research Committee’s recommendations are forwarded to the Research Foundation for final approval and acceptance by Foundation Trustees. Research grants are awarded after this evaluation and review.

Trustees of the Research Foundation include strawberry growers and nurserymen from both Canada and the United States. The trustees meet annually in cooperation with the NASGA Research Committee to decide the amount of funding each successful research proposal should receive. These meetings are held during each annual North American Berry Conference.

Generally, research proposals that are funded address issues that the NASGA membership considers the most urgent areas to be researched, as expressed in the priorities established by the Research Committee. Proposals addressing potential future needs of the strawberry industry also are considered.

For information about making contributions to the NASG Research Foundation, Inc., or to learn more about the research projects funded, contact:

Dr. John L. Maas, President
NASG Research Foundation

Plant Nurseries Contributing the the Research Foundation

The North American Strawberry Growers Research Foundation, Inc. was established in1962. The Foundation has given grants to strawberry research scientists in the United States and Canada since it inception. Grants made by the North American Strawberry Growers Research Foundation from nursery contributions, North American Strawberry Growers Association membership dues, and other sources have greatly benefited industry-related research. Since its inception, an average of $35,000 has been provided for research projects each year.

On behalf of the entire industry, the North American Strawberry Growers Research Foundation extends its sincere appreciation to the following nurseries that, in the past several years, have voluntarily donated a self-assessment from plant sales of $1.00/1,000 dormant (eastern North American varieties) and $0.25/1,000 green plants (Florida, North Carolina etc.). Their participation in this program is extremely valuable. No mandatory check-off of plant sales is made. It bears repeating that the nursery contributions are entirely voluntary and are not passed on to purchasers of plants. All strawberry plant purchasers and fruit producers owe a great deal to these outstanding contributing nurseries.

G.W. Allen Nursery, Ltd.
Jeff Allen
Centreville, Nova Scotia
Lassen Canyon Nursery, Inc.
Liz Ponce
Redding, California
Indiana Berry & Plant Co., Inc.
Sam Erwin
Plymouth, Indiana

Luc Lareault, Inc.
Andrée Lacroix
Lavaltrie, Quebec

C.O. Keddy Nursery, Inc.
Charles Keddy
Kentville, Nova Scotia
Pepiniere A. Massé, Inc.
Alain Massé
St. Cesaire, Quebec
Krohne Plant Farms, Inc.
Bill and Sheila Krohne
Hartford, Michigan
Millen Farms, Ltd.
Curtis and Ann Millen
Great Village, Nova Scotia
Ferme R. LaBrecque, Inc.
Roger LaBrecque
St. Charles, Quebec
NORCAL Nursery, Inc.
Ron Sakuma
Red Bluff, California
Strawberry Tyme Farms, Inc.
John Cooper
Simcoe, Ontario
Nourse Farms, Inc.
Tim, Mary, and Nate Nourse
South Deerfield, Massachusetts