Guidelines for Submission
of Research Proposals for Funding

  1. Title Page: Include name of researcher(s), affiliation(s), address, phone and fax numbers, and email address(s). Designate whether production or marketing research.
  2. Rationale: Beginning on a separate page, clearly state the rationale for conducting the proposed research. Cite relevant literature to demonstrate how the proposed research will contribute to the knowledge base and create benefits for growers.
  3. Objectives: List objectives in logical sequence.
  4. Procedure: Give sufficient details of procedures to allow the Research Committee to evaluate the proposal. For field studies, a location and description of the site, soil type, and cropping history would be useful. Include a description of the experimental design including the number of replications and proposed method of data analysis.
  5. Timetable: Outline a timetable, which details the project completion date and anticipated submission of the final report. If funding is for multiple years, provide dates for when progress reports will be given.
  6. Budget: Include in the budget a list of expenditures detailed as to plant material, labor, supplies and maintenance, equipment and other miscellaneous costs. The Committee looks favorably upon projects considered worthy by other institutions that provide matching funds. The North American Strawberry Growers Association, a non-profit organization, does not pay overhead costs.
  7. References cited.
  8. Cooperative Agreement: Each proposal must contain the signatures of the chair of the department, the dean of the college, or the head of the division or grant officer. Recipients of multiple year funding agree to provide NASGA with annual progress reports, due by November 1 of each year, along with the new proposal.
  9. Personnel: List any personnel other than the principal investigator(s) along with their responsibilities relating to the project.
  10. Vitae: A brief vitae of the principal investigator(s) would be useful to the committee if you have not submitted a proposal in the recent past.

New Proposals:

This format is recommended for proposals submitted to NASGA.  Proposals that do not adequately address these points may not be considered for funding.  Deadline for submission is November 1 of the current year for funding in the following year. Researcher(s) will be notified in the following March as to the decisions on grant awards.

Research Priorities:

A list of NASGA research priorities can be found here.

Final Report:

Acceptance of funding for a one-year proposal commits the principal investigator(s) to submitting a final report to the committee for distribution to the members of NASGA. This report should contain a brief introduction to the problem, a description of the experimental design, a summary of results and conclusions. This report must be submitted to NASGA by November 1 for the current year of funding. NASGA expects an oral or poster presentation of their findings at the next NASGA Annual Meeting, or a summary article to be published in the NASGA Newsletter. Other publications or web-site articles should acknowledge support from the North American Strawberry Growers Association.

Continuation of Funding:

Research projects originally designated to continue for one or more years may receive additional funding. To be considered for funding in subsequent years of a multi-year proposal, resubmission of a proposal based on the original must be made. The resubmission should include a budget, as well as how an additional year will further add to the results. Resubmission of the new proposal and progress report must be received by November 1 of the current year for continued funding in the following year. Resubmissions without current progress reports will not be considered for funding.

Submit a Proposal/Final Research Online

If you have questions about our research funding process, please contact:

Dr. John L. Maas, President
North American Strawberry Growers Research Foundation